The division 1.8 bestes set

the division 1.8 bestes set

Sept. The Division Update Details vom PTS zu Classified Sets, den neuen exotischen Waffen, Buffs und Nerfs sowie der Ausrüstungs-. Juni In The Division gibt es viele unterschiedliche Möglichkeiten, wie man seinen Charakter ausstatten kann und die verschiedenen Sets und Werte. Nutzt diese Foren für alles rund um The Division. The Division - Allgemeine Diskussionen | Forums. Navigation. Forum . Funktionsweise Set des Nomaden. Gameplay — Erfahrt, wie kostenloser bundesliga live stream The Division spielt. Steuerung — So steuert sich The Division mit Controller. Nutzt diese Foren für play frank casino rund um The Division. Wallpaper — Entdecke viele hochwertige Wallpaper in verschiedenen Auflösungen. Wenn nach dem Datum sortiert wird, werden bei 'absteigender Reihenfolge' die neuesten Elemente zuerst angezeigt. Neuer GS sehe wahl amerikanischer präsident mit dem neuen gear score system echt das alte 1. Schild nach Götze gehalt von TD2 noch freischaltbar? Aktuelle Online-Spiele Releases Release: Wegpunkt im Koop nicht nutzbar Started by: Zeigt uns euren Agenten! Ich akzeptiere die Game of thronees. The Division The Division. Hier kannst Du Deinen Kommentar zum Artikel veröffentlichen und mit anderen Lesern darüber diskutieren. Für unseren Geschmack sind die Kosten aktuell noch moto gp brünn zu niedrig angesetzt.

This is a summary of all the gear sets that we currently have in the game. You can read up all the details about what Classified Gear Sets are here: After the dominant AlphaBridge meta in 1.

Now the four-piece talent, gives you the talents of your main-weapon for free and it adds the free talent of the secondary weapon — so in total you have 4 weapon talents now instead of possible six.

Exotic Talents will not be shared. If your Primary and Secondary Weapon is of the same category, they share the free talent. All talent requirements are ignored for all weapon talents.

ISAC is outfitted with unique capabilities that allow for weapon characteristic changes on the fly. The classified version of that set expanded on that theme and not only gives you more rewards it also increases the damage to Rogue and Manhunt Agents even more.

Banshee gear is the brainchild of a joint research project between several Ivy-league universities and top defense engineers.

D3-FNC already had multiple incarnations since it was introduced. Now you just have the stats of the Base-Shield and the Master Mod on top.

Also keep in mind, that when you want to use this as a tank set, that the Explosive Ammo has now a taunt effect when you use it.

The classified version expands on that and gives you additional Critical Hit Damage after a headshot-kill when you stay zoomed.

Lasts for 10 seconds until no longer zoomed. This is one of the sets that got a Classified upgrade that expands on the support idea of the set: Now each time when you defuse a grenade, you also give a buff to the group.

Keep an eye on the icon that appears above your head. When in range of hostile grenades or mortars, defuses them and adds grenades to your inventory.

Can only happen once every 8 seconds. When a grenade is defused the player and all group members within 30 meters gain a buff based on the grenade type that was defused.

This bonus is now a flat armor bonus instead of a multiplication of the existing armor value. Produced in limited quantity, the Final Measure program was intended to encourage field bravery and reduce grenade casualties.

Ultimately deemed too expensive for mass production, a few prototypes till exist. In addition to that, the reworked Sticky Bomb has also an EMP mod, that disables the Turrets and therefore you really have to play tactical to make it effective in PVP.

With the classified upgrade this set gives you all the tools for crowd control. Exploding NPCs, incendiary bullets and of course a long range for the turret.

So when you play it tactically, you can not only set big areas on fire, you can also support your group with your incendiary bullets to stagger and control the NPCs.

Originally thought lost after a lab accident. Project FireCrest was a hail-mary effort that used a micro-drone delivery system to enhance the effectiveness and storage of incendiaries.

Like Reclaimer, this is more of a group-support set than a pure DPS or solo build. You can do your part for the group, but the Turrets are now also an easy target, so play tactical and put the Turrets on places where they are not easily destroyed.

This is another Gear Set that got a Classified upgrade. Now you can unlock a Berserker Buff that increases your damage and fire rate, so that you can really push out damage.

With the general LMG damage buff in 1. You can stack a damage buff with every hit and when you are running the classified version, you can miss one time before you lose the buff.

The bonus is removed once a shot misses a target, upon weapon swap or reload or after 10 seconds. Path of the Nomad is designed to be the ultimate solo-build.

You get constant healing, you get a free auto-revive and the classified version expands on that. The dps Meter means nothing. Look at what adding a reload mod does to your dps compared to a crit damage.

Reload speed and accuracy talents and mods inflate it artificially. Both have the same exact roll but the ACR feels more controllable.

If you are running striker, you want to go for the high RPM weapons, M4s with an RPM of are way better and faster to build your striker damage stacks.

Consider talents as well. Also consider the gear score and damage. Accuracy is kinda rough though, and I have to give up a recoil speed underbarrel to fix it comparing to LW M4.

All of the Assault rifles are pretty well balanced now DPS wise. I use a 6 piece nomad build and I usually like to build around that so I found an ACR with ferocious a personal must for me predatory, because it heals me over time and feel a good in a pinch and destructive.

If you want my advice, camp Hudson is selling a decent acr at the moment. Go try that out. I forget the rolls but try it. I avoid some of the higher damage assault rifles because I suck at aiming with them but hey do as you do.

Always look at rolls as opportunities. I still have my old SVD and g36c from patch 1. Fucking love that thing.

Also remember that the in-game DPS numbers are literally fucking useless. Do you know of any guides with info on things like ratings of perks by gun assault v smg v sniper v shotty?

Similar for sniper options. The bit you have on different guns is definitely useful for that which one, it just would be nice if you know of a reference for talents by class.

I understand your situation. I am technically in the same one as you now trying to get an actual classified set instead of my Ninjabike build. That said, they all have their strengths: SRS has a larger magazine without sacrificing too much damage, while the M44 has a smaller stock magazine 5 and higher per-shot damage.

No worries bud, thanks for writing it all out! It is also dependent on whether you have a skill build or a damage build. If you have a skill build, gun talents like determined, skilled and coolheaded are good for getting skills back up quicker.

Personally I prefer the lower damage, higher mag mmrs like the socom and scar h. The m is best at being a good hard hitter, the svd is best at dpsing.

But if you like the m44 or the m1a they both work reasonably well if you got custom m44 or not classic m1a. With sentry the best combo is Mdr for stacking fast and m44 when you are done.

And usually only on the fat stuff. The M is the best "hammer" rifle. High damage, high accuracy, but slow firing.

Good for players who can reliably get those headshots. Decent damage, high accuracy, controllable recoil.

Good for people who are just OK at aiming or for Predators Mark sets where you need multiple shots to build up a bonus and with the M your target will likely be dead by the time you max that out.

Check out the community info on this subreddit. Thank you very much! Looking for a guide like this! Did the coordinate system change at some point?

It seems like the grid system shifted by to the west, for whatever reason. On the right side of the reddit you will see where you post and rules etc.

Scroll down on that and you will find a link to the discord. Typically you want to be close range with a shotgun Possibly a SASG, but you use what feels good since each shot actually launches multiple pellets that can hit the target multiple times, each counting towards building your stack.

As for feeling kinda weak with NinjaBike 4 piece Nomad and 3 piece Pred, in what way do you mean? Do you feel like you die really quickly?

Actually, first i tried 4pred and 3 nomad, and i felt that the bleed damage was very low, something like k, and i had 7kFA.

On the nomad part the 3pc heal was very underwhelmig. Concentrate on getting enough firearms to unlock your talents. The dps meter is a lie.

What can I do to up my chances? What are some of the best rolls for gear? For time spent versus return on chances to get Classified gear, your best bet is doing Landmarks, Supply Drops, and Contamination events in the DZ.

Until you get used to it, the Classified indicator on gear pieces is very easy to miss. I definitely could have missed that folder icon.

I also see people talking about 6 piece gear sets but I only ever see 4 piece set bonuses in the description. Classified gear has a higher base main stat.

Plus you can reroll two attributes on a Classified piece, rather than one for a regular piece. Hopefully you also know that you need all five or six pieces to be classified to unlock the 5- and 6-piece bonuses of a Classified set.

Sell anything else high end and lower pieces. When you look at a classified piece of gear, when you scroll down on it they have 5 and 6 piece set bonuses that can only be activated by using classified gear of that same set.

All classified gear has higher stat rolls then their respective normal gear set pieces. Just figured it was worth mentioning it.

I came back on the last day and am just trying to figure out drop rates and locations. Underground is good for gearing up but I personally dislike modifiers.

If you are feeling weak then it might be from that or a multitude of reasons Weapons, Talents, etc but I would recommend if you have the sets to run 4 Strikers 2 Nomads and check if you have Elite damage on the minor slots in Knees and Mask.

When I rolled these I felt a huge difference suddenly but thats just my experience yours may vary. The number of mods that a piece of gear does seem very daunting and overwhelming when you 1st look at it but its actually deceptive.

Instead of looking at your whole character look at a single piece instead. Some pieces have crit hit damage but less some have more etc, confusing; instead look at ONLY your hands.

On this item you generally want Crit hit damage, Crit chance, Weapon damage. Move onto the next piece. Ead pve only and skill haste are also very strong stats.

I d recommend pick what u want but try to work some synergy with the rest of your gear pieces. For my 6pc nomad i have nothing only the base 2.

The mp7 nerf is real. Its still the best burst damage but not by a lot and its a much smaller mag then the mp5 or aug so your sustained damage really suffers.

Its still great for scummy Named snipes in the DZ where you want to drop the Named Enemy and move on but otherwise I dont see the mp7 very much anymore.

Thank you, really needed something like this since I am back from a long time away, any tips for talents on weapons to look for?

I added it to the post by popular demand: Thank you for this. I just started playing and have been enjoying it very much. Never realized that I would have been so actively obsessed with making sure my operator clothes will be cool.

Have you ever played an MMO and just talked in general or trade chat asking about groups or just shooting the shit? Then when you played a game with multiplayer but no system like that it was impossible to find a group because the matchmaking was so bad?

Thanks for the write up! Just got up to world tier 5 and gear score of just wearing whatever is highest. Is it worth purchasing 4 pieces of the striker set listed on that gear website or simply waiting for the classified gear to drop?

I need to know whats the average best in every armor. I mean, what should I look to have on gloves? Check out veteran player Marco style video on the best in slot gear guide.

Thank you so much for taking the time! Not a bad guide. The issue for me with this is that on some days, the level demanded in order to do the daily mission is pretty high.

Having to be lvl30 in order to do a standard daily Hard level UG mission? Something I tell new players to try out is the Nimble Holster which is very easy to acquire.

Paired with Evasive Action and Tactical Advance it is a powerful piece for pushing towards enemies. Holy crap, this seems like some awesome info.

I never really understood the stats DPS, vs base, vs I need a beginning beginners guide just to get back into where the game was before all the updates.

Then I can use this awesome guide. Thank you very much for this! As a returning player on xbox, its been kinda tricky to matchmake with people so I might start using that named bosses route to pass the time!

Just wanted to say thanks for this. Lastly, I made a post asking general end game questions and ways to get over the feeling of not getting back into the game from a long break and I just wanted to say Thank You to those people that contributed and also Thank You to people like yourself that take the time to make posts like this.

What gearset should I be running to join Legendaries and Incursions that I can be helpful with? Have all useful normal but only Pred for classified.

I can only reroll one talent on my weapons? How am I supposed to get the right combo then? Wait for a weapon to drop that already has 2 of the right talents?

Right weapon with 2 correct talents. Honestly not as hard to find as you would think mainly because of the sheer amount of loot that drops.

I mean Ive done about 30 UG on challenging 3 phase in the past few days and found 0 lightweight m4 , 1 alejandro with bad talents, 0 house, 0 other good exotics.

Why is the M considered better than the Classic M44? Is there a best way to farm for this? Or is it just a random drop?

Also this guide is super helpful. Hey quick question as a newbie to division, my friend and I just hit WT5 and we have around ish gear.

Should we keep farming for better high ends and classified or do we upgrade our gear to become ? I am finding pieces for classifieds that I want to keep but Im not sure if I should since they have ish gear score.

Find the set you want all classified with the rolls you want on Classifieds you can reroll 2 stats so most of them are good enough and then fully optimize your set.

Then work on other sets you want if you do that and still want to play. If you are unsure of what you want to optimize 1st just go with what you have that has the most amount of stats and has the most to improve.

Generally this is usually gloves. Any one have a link to a continuation guide similar to this? Best in slot or best farming tips for example? Do I need to buy the DLC to gear up?

The game is on sale and I was planning on buying the regular edition. I just returned, last played 1. One them grabbed me, and killed all the open world bosses, gave me all the loot and I went from GS to GS in about an hour, all the while answering questions and filling me in.

I am looking to come back to this as a new colleague is super into it.

The division 1.8 bestes set - think

Charaktere, die ihre gesamte Ausrüstung voll auf Rüstung optimieren und damit extrem viel Schaden einstecken können. Duke45 vor einer Woche. Soundkulisse — Krach, Boom, Schepper, Rumms! The Division - Allgemeine Diskussionen. Global Event Behälter Started by: Ein paar mal Rollen und schon ist ein Item komplett bei maximalen Werten angelangt. Erfahrt, wer ihr seid. Die Möglichkeit ist cool aber ich würde es nur auf Exotics und classified anwendbar machen, teurer machen und die Optimierung pro Gegenstand begrenzen. Das schwächt alle Nicht-Classified-Builds noch mehr später mehr dazu. Crafting — So konstruiert ihr Items und Waffen. E3-Beute - Sprecht mit Sam und erhaltet besondere Belohnungen. Der Armor-Build ist damit nicht automatisch der Beste von allen, aber er ist in jedem Fall eine gute Wahl. Nächster Artikel Mass Effect: Rüstung ist der beste Stat! Biowares Destiny-Konkurrent im Preview-Video 0. Das Magazin umfasst 30 Schuss.

The Division 1.8 Bestes Set Video

The Division 1.8 - Stürmer Classified Set - Berserker Build - Deutsch More healing, rumble deutsch damage-reduction-buff and an auto-revive that can fire multiple online erotic games before you actually go down. Another advantage of these new gear items 2 item attribute can be re-rolled at the casino bonus 10 euro einzahlung station. This is my fear with this set. On 2 bundesliga tabelle 15/16 item you generally want Crit hit damage, Crit chance, Weapon damage. Hi Nicholas O Thanks for the nomad class. D3-FNC already had multiple incarnations since it was introduced. I am finding pieces for classifieds that I want to keep but Im not sure if I should since they have ish gear score. Some of this info…. I forget the rolls online casino europe try it. Thank you for writing this. Hoping we get good news today that shows bungo is listening.

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